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Clinton County Surnames, A through C

Surname Location & Date Email Contact
Abare Clinton County CMiner5735@aol.com
Abbott Mooers William Earl Haskell
Adams Clinton County Howard Wiley
Ahearn Burke Kazlo
Ahem Clinton County Pat Kazlo
Aiken Clinton County Debra Hunter
Alderman Clinton County 1850 -1880 Cynthia Pierce
Alger Champlain - early 1800s Chuck May
Allair Champlain Jeffrey Remillard
Allard Churubusco 1830-1880 The Nielson's
Judy Bowman Rhodes
Allen Clinton County Barbara Beal
Allen Clinton County Sandi (Ouimette) Connell
Amlaw Chazy, Champlain Peru & Mooers Paula Deml
Angier Clinton County/Waterville Dean Myers
Anderson Clinton County Howard Wiley
Andrews Clinton County JMar137@aol.com
Arno Ellensburg Grace Waters
Ashline Champlain or Mooers Kjdubois@aol.com
Ashline Champlain, Chazy MEMQS@aol.com
Aubin Clinton County HSteele181@Aol.com
Aubin Clinton County Joe
Babbie Champlain or Mooers Kjdubois@aol.com
Bagg Clinton County 1850 -1880 Cynthia Pierce
Bailey /Bayley Chazy 1800s
Dot Hay
Linda Wilcox
Baker Ellenburg Muriel Glenn
Baker Clinton County Steve Mace
Baker Clinton County Doria1960@aol.com
Baker Plattsburg Mid 1800'S Melody Scheel
Balch 1800 Judy Bowman Rhodes
Barber Peru L D JULIAN
Barnes Clinton County Russ Gordon
Barnes Clinton County Gallery & Frame Shop
Barry Died Chazy 1950/51 Jack Smith
Bauer Mooers, Champlain Julie Close
Baxter Clinton County hinds6@aol.com
Baxter Clinton County Donna Hinds
Baxter Chazy and Beekmantown mvi18th
Beach Ellenburg Sharon Russ
Beaney Clinton County. David Beaney
Beardsley Clinton County 1798 - 1830 Ron Dahlgren
Bearer born 1813 in Plattsburg Lisa Lowell
Beauvais Clinton County John Renadette
Bechard Clinton County Karen
Beckwith Clinton County Christopher L. Allen
Beckwith Plattsburgh area Clinton County Richard A. Squires
Belden Mooers Deane E. Belden
Belec Clinton County. Andree Belec Routledge
Bellec, Baylake Clinton County. Andree Belec Routledge
Beman Plattsburgh area Clinton County Richard A. Squires
Marilyn Wilson
Benedict Clinton Sharon Kowalski>
Benham Clinton County. LCABPLB@aol.com
Bensaw Clinton County Doria1960@aol.com
Bertrand Clinton County. JABoyer@aol.com
Berry Clinton County GARY L. ANDERSON
Bigelow Schuyler Falls, Ellenburg, Peru, Keeseville Rod Bigelow
Bindas Clinton County Bea
Bingham Mooers James McDonald
Bisaillion Cooperville Edmond Spaeth
Bishop Chazy, Beekmantown, 1800-1855> JOHN STEVENS
Bisnett Clinton County Patrick LaFountain
Blair Ellenburg Sharon Russ
Blaise (Blaize) Clinton County Theresa LaMountain- Sheldon
Blake Clinton County blaker
Blakley Clinton County Susan Cady
Blanchard Clinton County Blaine Bettinger
Jean Hawley
Blaney Chazy 1800 Ronald Gagnier
Blood Clinton County Don & Sharon McBride
Bleau/Blow Clinton County Steven Williams
Boas Clinton County Ryan A. Boas
Bobee Mooers Fork Jeffrey Remillard
Bonin Altona, Rouses Point--1800's Raymond W. Jackson
Bonner Rouses Point SLoomis363@aol.com
Bosley Siota Kazlo
Boucher (Bushey) Clinton County DAVID B. FLETCHER
Boucher (Bushey)  Mooers Fork, Irona, Altona Kelley LaSalle
Boulley Clinton County. Micheal R. Frichette"
Bourdon/Bourdeau Clinton County Steve
Bourdo Clinton County Cittypaw@aol.com
Bouyea Clinton County. Ronald C.Campbel
Boyer Mooers and Champlain Mary Swanson
Boyer Clinton County. JABoyer
Brace Peru Melissa Brown
Brault Clinton County John Grisetti
Brassard Clinton County David W. Waddell, Sr.
Breau, Brough Clinton County Russ Gordon
Brennan Ellenburg Sharon Russ
Brickey Mooers Forks James & Ann Thurber
Bridges Clinton County Matthew Bridges
Brien Clinton County Marie L Miley-Russell
Brousseau Clinton County Carol Edwards
Brown Clinton Co Charles Hinkle
Brunet 1860 - 1880 Art Burnah
Bull Clinton County sibyl@vzinet.com
Bull Clinton County 1850 -1880 Cynthia Pierce
Bull Clinton County 1798 - 1830 Ron Dahlgren
Bull Mooers -1822-1880 S. Smith
Burbage Clinton County Ellen Kilbride Christopher
Burbridge Clinton County Ellen Kilbride Christopher
Burke Clinton County Morris Ryan
Burl Clinton County Jill Peryer
Burnah 1880 - 1920 Art Burnah
Burrell Clinton County Jill Peryer
Bush Clinton County Gallery & Frame Shop
Bushey Clinton County Amethyst Rivers
Cadyvill Clinton County delucahome@aol.com
Calkins, Caulkins Clinton County Jack O. Glasgow
Callanan Clinton County RWeir98845@aol.com
Cameron Clinton Co Judith Leanna
Canfield Keeseville/Plattsburg Judi Tolley
Carroll Plattsburgh Linda M. Bifulco
Carswell Clinton County RWeir98845@aol.com
Carver Keeseville Kristina Parker
Casey Ellenburg Sharon Russ
Cassavaugh Chazy 1840's>present Kristina Parker
Castor Clinton County clipper@adam.cheshire.net
Cayea Clinton County kathleen tome
Champagne/Champain Clinton County Paul LaBombard
Charbonneau Clinton County Joe
Charbonneau Clinton County Cittypaw@aol.com
Charland Clinton County Cittypaw@aol.com
Charron Clinton County Suzanne Galaise
Chauvin Clinton County carl moses
Chesley Clinton County Anne
Chesley Clinton County Mollie Patterson
Chisholm Chazy - 1840> Pat Miller
Churchill Mooers, 1800s Dot Hay
Claire Clinton County Debbie McCarrell
Clark Clinton County Doria1960@aol.com
Clark Family Chazy Bobbie Albright
Clarke Peru, 1800's Andy White
Clough Clinton County clipper@adam.cheshire.net
Cochran Clinton County 1815-1870's Ron Dahlgren
Coffey Burke Kazlo
Colby Clinton County Mark W. Levi
Cone Clinton County 1850 -1880 Cynthia Pierce
Connell Clinton County Sandi (Ouimette) Connell
Connelly Clinton County Russ Gordon
Connor Plattsburgh MM Connor
Cook Plattsburgh MM Connor
Coon Clinton County DAVID B. FLETCHER
Ronald C.Campbel
Coonan Clinton County Thomas Coonan
Cooney Clinton County Pat Kazlo
Coonley Clinton County pjlab@cybertrails.com
Corral Clinton County RSecore@aol.com
Coulon Clinton County ccoulon@home.com
Covey Mooers Ellenburgh Pam Wood Waugh
Craig Clinton County Tigervegas@aol.com
Cram Peru Dave Jones
Cromp Clinton County Don & Sharon McBride
Curry Clinton County Don & Sharon McBride
Curry Clinton County 1830-1855 Niki Curry
Cyr/Sears Clinton County Steve


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