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Salmon River Road Graveyard

Town of Schuyler Falls, Clinton County, New York

This graveyard is in a large thicket of Lilac bushes behind the Bradley property. (Turner-Roberts home, "Pioneer Homes of Clinton County").

(Plotted & copied by Schuyler Falls Historical Society Oct. 3 & 5, 1990 - Bonnie Yopp, Sylvia Burgess, Shirley Balko, Michael Burgess, Leo Perry (Town historian)). Copy provided to Town of Schuyler Falls by Shirley Balko.

Items are listed numerically to account for all stones found at time of survey.

Transcribed by M. M.Connor, January 10, 2003


Surname: ??
Item Nr: 1
Inscription/Details: Footstone: S T

Surname: Jones
Item Nr: 2
Inscription/Details: fallen, broken, buried Hannah/ wife of/ Daniel Jones/ died Jan. 4, 1813/ In her 40 year / MARY/ wife of/ Daniel Jones/ died April 5, 1847/ In her 70 year/ --/ Blessed are the dead/ which die in the Lord./

Surname: Jones
Item Nr: 3
Inscription/Details: Footstone - partially buried: H J MJ (Hannah & Mary Jones)

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 4
Inscription/Details: White marble - leaning against tree stump In memory of/Albert Roberts,/son of/ John P. & Adelia Ann/ Roberts/ who died Jan. 17th 1839/ aged 8 months &/ 29 days./

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 5
Inscription/Details: Footstone: A R (Albert Roberts)

Surname: Nichols
Item Nr: 6
Inscription/Details: In Memory of/Peter J. son of / Joseph H. and Lucy Ann/ Nichols/who died April/ 26th 1839/ aged 6 days./--/ It is sweet to remember/the absent we love./ Though missed from our number/ We shall meet them above./

Surname: Nichols
Item Nr: 7
Inscription/Details: Footstone: P J N (Peter J. Nichols)

Surname: Nichols
Item Nr: 8
Inscription/Details: repaired In memory of/Mrs. Lucy Ann Nichols/wife of Joseph H. Nichols/who died May/11th 1839/ aged 16 year/11 months/and 2 days/--/ Why do we mourn or why complain In Jesus arms she fell asleep to die was her eternal gain O how consoleing while we weep

Surname: Nichols
Item Nr: 9
Inscription/Details: broken - top lying on ground L A N (Lucy Ann Nichols)

Surname: ??
Item Nr: 10
Inscription/Details: footstone? Small curved top, moss covered about 6" wide

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 11
Inscription/Details: footstone - almost level with ground H P J R (Henry P. J. Roberts)

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 12
Inscription/Details: footstone M R (Marial Roberts)

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 13
Inscription/Details: leaning In memory of/Mrs. Marial Roberts,/wife of/ P. J. Roberts, Esq./she died/June 13th AD 1839/ Aged 42 years/8 months & a day/

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 14
Inscription/Details; cornerstone - loose on ground R

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 15
Inscription/Details: Henry P. J./ son of/ Peter J. & Phebe/ Roberts/ was drowned/ June 16, 1849/ AE 8 yrs. 8 mo. & 28 days/

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 16
Inscription/Details: Footstone: P J R (Peter J. Roberts)

Surname: ??
Item Nr: 17
Inscription/Details: Footstone?

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 18
Inscription/Details: Fallen - broken from the bottom In memory/ of / Peter J. Roberts, ESQ./ who died/ Nov. 13 AD 1843/ Aged 47 years 10 months/ & 11 days/ --/

Surname: Thompson
Item Nr: 19
Inscription/Details: Phebe/ wife of/ John L. Thompson/ died/ Feb. 17, 1853/ AE 49 years/ -- / daughter of J.S. & P. How/

Surname: ??
Item Nr: 20
Inscription/Details: Footstone? Piece lying on ground.

Surname: ??
Item Nr: 21
Inscription/Details: Small round top stone.

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 22
Inscription/Details: Footstone: E B (Ezra Bigelow)

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 23
Inscription/Details: Footstone: broken in ground, piece on ground J B (Jarid Bigelow)

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 24
Inscription/Details: Large stone w/ base - top lying on ground Jarid Bigelow/ 1788 - 1842

Surname: R
Item Nr: 25
Inscription/Details: Cornerstone - loose on ground R

Surname: ??
Item Nr: 26
Inscription/Details: Small stone

Surname: ??
Item Nr: 27
Inscription/Details: Footstone?

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 28
Inscription/Details: Tree of Life etched at top of stone Luke/ son of/ Hiram & Hannah/ Bigelow died Jan. 23, 1843/ aged 5 years./

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 29
Inscription/Details: Footstone H B (Hannah Bigelow)

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 30
Inscription/Details: Fallen - buried - small portion showing Hannah/ wife of/ Hiram Bigelow/ died/ March 26, 1864/ AE 54 yrs./

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 31
Inscription/Details: Hiram Bigelow/ died/ Dec. 11, 1848/ aged 50 years/ Blessed are the dead wich die in the Lord.

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 32
Inscription/Details: Rachel A./ daughter of/ Hiram & Hannah/ Bigelow/ died/ July 21, 1866/ AE 24 yrs./

Surname: French
Item Nr: 33
Inscription/Details: Fallen - buried In memory of/ Jared son of/ Hiram & Amy/ French, who died/ Jan. 27, 1843/ aged 4 years/ 6 months.

Surname: French
Item Nr: 34
Inscription/Details: Footstone - buried J F (Jared French)

Surname: ??
Item Nr: 35
Inscription/Details: Small slate pieces - lying in front edge of Lilac bushes. Surface layers flaked off. Some letters & numbers, not enough to be read.

Surname: Jones
Item Nr: 36
Inscription/Details: Broken at gound level, fallen, buried. Daniel Jones/ died/ Nov. 26, 1850/ Aged 81 years/ -- / Say ye to the righteous that it shall be well with him.

Surname: Tucker
Item Nr: 37
Inscription/Details: Fallen, buried Silas Tucker/ died/ June 18, 1826/ AE 39 yrs./ --/

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 38
Inscription/Details: Fallen, buried, broken thru Rachel's date Ezra Bigelow/died May 1806/Aged 19 years/---/ Rachel/wife of/ Ezra Bigelow/died Aug. 6, 1857 in the 77 year of her age

Surname: Bullis
Item Nr: 39
Inscription/Details: Fallen, broken at ground level, buried Betsy Bullis/ Relict of/ S. Tucker/ wife of Amos Thopson/ died/ March 13, 1855/ AE 61 yrs 10 mos./ ---/

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 40
Inscription/Details: Buried at base of B. Bullis footstone P R (Polly Roberts)

Surname: Roberts
Item Nr: 41
Inscription/Details: Partially buried, broken in pieces, leaning against rotting tree stump under tipped over headstone of Jarid Bigelow. Polly Roberts/ wife of/ Christopher Roberts/ died Nov. 3, 1832/ in the 31 year of her age.

Surname: Bigelow
Item Nr: 42
Inscription/Details: Buried under newer stone of Jarid Bigelow. Broken in many pieces. Jarid Bigelow/ died April 18, 1842, in the 54 year of his/ age.

Surname: ??
Item Nr: 43
Inscription/Details: Base of what seems to be a slate stone. Broken at ground level.


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