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Soldiers who are buried in Plattsburgh Cemeteries

Extract from: The Plattsburgh Sentinal 6/5/1905

  U. S. Cemetery
George Spatz, Co. D, U.S. Art. 96th
J. F. Burton, Co. H, 6th U. S. Inf.
L. P. Lyon, Co. H, 6th U. S. Inf.
Thos. Heron, Co. B, 42nd U. S. Inf.
Sgt. Jere Spillane, Co. E, 42nd U. S. Inf.
John Rigby, Co. E, 42nd U. S. Inf.
Sgt. H. H. McKay, Co. E, 42nd U. S. Inf.
J. F. Burns, Batt'y K, 3rd Art.
Sgt. David Anderson
Andrew McGarvey, Batt'y K, 3rd Art.
Chas. E. Orme, Co. I, 12th U. S. Inf.
Capt. W. J. Wilson, Ass't Surgeon U. S. A.
Corpl. C. F. Mauve, Co. A
Corpl. Mawble, Co. A, 21st, born in Germany
Corpl. James Anderson Co. F
Joseph Michaels, Hosp. Corps
Edward Bolan, Co. A
Thos. O'Kane, Co. F
Col. Horace Jewett


Catholic Cemetery
Peter Wells, Co. I, 2nd U.S. Cav. N.Y.
Sgt. Peter Burke, Reg. Unknown
Myette, 1812
Dennis Dragoon, Reg., unknown
Louis Douglass, Co. I, 16th U.S. Inf. N.Y.
Jos. Marion, Co I, 118th U.S. Inf. N.Y.
Peter Varno Co. I, 14th U.S. Inf. N.Y.
Remy Varno, Co. H, 118th U.S. Inf. N.Y.
Noel Varno, Co. H, 118th U.S. Inf. N.Y.
James Ouimette, Co. K, 118th U.S. Inf. N.Y.
John Terry, Co. A, 118th U.S. Inf. N.Y.
? Bougera, 1812
John LaBombard, Mexican War
Lewis Record, Co. L, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Jos. St. Dennis, Co. L, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Rob't Dandrow, Co. L, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Thos. LaValley, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
P. D. Barnard, Co. G, 5th N.Y. Art.
L.S. Normandeau, Co. E, 17th N.Y. Inf
Ethame Duffenay, Co. A, 6th Vt. Inf.
Benj. DeSotelle, Co. G, 118th N.Y. Inf.
Jos. Meron, 1812
A. J. Beeman, Reg. Unknown
? Vodray, 1812
Redman Holland, Reg. Unknown
Benj. Miller, Co. M, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Jos. Collect, Co. M, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Patrick Cuddy, Jr. Reg. Unknown
Jos. Poupor, Co. M, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Remi Dubie, Reg. Unknown
Pat'k Ryan, Co. B, 2nd Vt. Inf.
Louis Bouvia, 1812
Peter LaValley, Co. B, 196th N.Y. Inf.
3 unknown 96th N.Y. Inf.
Sgt. Pat'k Hogan, Reg. Unknown
Terry Riley, Reg. unknown
Exire Maurice, died May 9th, 1888, aged? Navy 1812
Frank Champaghe, Co. E, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Chas. Sharron, 96th N.Y. Inf.
October Richards, U.S. Navy
Edward Merritt, Co. K, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Peter Richards, Co. A, 12th Conn. Inf.
Pat'k Moffit, Co. E, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Owen Conley, Reg. Unknown
Jno. Recor, Co. I, 7th N.Y. Inf.
Ambrois Paris, Reg. Unknown
Mich'l Loraine, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Henry Rugi, U.S. Navy, 1812
Martin Reynolds, Co. C, 4th U.S. Inf.
Edw'd K. Hagerty, Co. H, 16th N.Y. Inf
? Nerlan, Reg. Unknown
Edw'd Bruso, Co. L, 16th N.Y.
Geo. St. Antoin, Co. B, 96th N.Y. Inf.
Jos. Senecal, Co. A, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Alex Senecal, Co. A, 16th N.Y., Cav.
Samual J. Jandrow, Co. C, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Frank Champagne, Co e, 16th N.Y. Inf
? Jones, 1812
Jno. Gero, Co. M, 2nd U.S. Cav.
Jos. Meyette, Co. E, 5th N.H. Inf.
Lieut. Galaise, 1812
Jos. Parent, Co. L, 3rd Mass. Heavy Art.
James Heron, Mexican War
Thos. Gibbons, Co. C, 96th N.Y. Inf.
Pat'k Weldon, Co. H, 96th N.Y. Inf.
Stephen Furlong, Co. F, 3rd N.Y. Cav.
Jos. Rule, Co. H, 118th N.Y. Inf.
P. Catongal, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Eugene Pecot, Co. K, 5th N.Y. Cav.
Chas. Cortwite born France 1778, French War, U.S. soldier1812,13 and 14
Thos. Sorrell, Reg unknown
Jno. Lewis, Co. C, 96th N.Y. Inf.
Jno. Bresette, Co C, 15th N.Y. Inf.
Gilbert Jesse, Co C, 91st N.Y. Inf.
Thos. Grattau, Co A, 16th N.Y. Cav.
Peter Theroux, Co. H, 118th N.y. Inf.
Jos. Manor, Co. B, 193rd N.Y. Inf.
Solomon Manor, Co. B , 193rd N.Y. Inf.
Sgt. Anthony Maguire, U.S.A.
Maj. J. E. Kelley, 96th N.Y. Inf.
Joe Shannon, Reg. Unknown
Peter Rock, Co. L, 1st N.Y. Inf.
John Rouse, Mexican
Jeree Latour, Co. I, 96th N.Y. Inf.
John Champagne, 5th N.Y. Cav.
Jno. Carter, Co. H, 118th N.Y. Inf
Charles Blanchard, 96th N. Y. Vols.
Silas Rasco, 2nd Vet. Cav.
Jos. Coon, 96th N.Y. Vols.
Jos. Manourex, 175th N.Y. Vols.
Louis DePlarie, 118th, N.Y. Vols.
John Kavaugh, Co. E, 16th N.Y. Vols.
Major Christopher Dolan, Co. E, 4th N.Y. Cav.
Pliney Seymour, Co. D, 98th N.Y. Inf.
John Herron, Co. H, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
Major P. K. Delaney, 118th N.Y. Inf.
Jonas Maurice, 192nd N.Y. Inf.
Andrew Miller, Co. E, 96th N.Y. Inf.
Robert McConnell, Co. B, 183rd Pa. Inf.
Peter Lamare, Co. B, 96th N.Y. Inf.


Riverside Cemetery
Maj. Buel Palmer, 16th N.Y. Inf.
A. J. Bristol, 1812
John McDermott, Reg. Unknown
John Frazier, Co. L, 2nd N.Y. Inf.
Lieut. B. M. Beckwith, Adjt. 32nd Wis. Inf.
Henty R. Barber, Reg. Unknown
Gen. Robertson, 1838 and 1846
Chas. Reynolds, Co. A, 16th N.Y. Cav.
William Halle, 1812
O. B. Bromley, Co. H, 1st N.Y. Engr's
William Palmer, 1812
Capt. Pliney Moore, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Lieut. C. F. Moore, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
John Palmer, 1812
Thomas Miller, 1812
Samuel Lowell, 1812
John Mallory, 1812
Chas. Platt, 1812
Capt. Henry S. Ransom, 118th N.Y. Inf.
Geo. D. Dunham, Surgeon, Reg. unknown
Dr. Jno. Miller, 1812
H. K. Averill, 1812
Nathan Averill, 1812
I. Platt Foote Reg. Unknown
William Finn, Navy
Zephaniah Platt, 1776
Zephaniah Platt, 1812
Lieut. Col. John L. Stetson, killed at Antietam
Jos. Shepard, Co. F, 21st N.Y. Inf
F. A. Bussee, Co. E, 7th N.Y. Inf.
Zenas Clark, 1812
Lieut. Geo. Emmerson, Reg. Unknown
Hiram Higby, Co. H, 21st N.Y. Inf.
James Higby, 1812
William Gilliland, 96th N.Y.Inf.
Abner Torrey, 1812
Jno. Nichols, 1812
Edward Smith, Reg. Unknown
Thomas McCreedy, Reg. Unknown
Capt. A. Pelcher, Co. A, 70th N.Y. Inf.
Oliver Otis, Co. I, 153rd, N.Y. Inf.
George Marvin, Co. H, 96th N.Y. Inf.
Chas. Young, Reg. Unknown
Andrew Gregory, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Geo. H. Grant, vet. Surgeon Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Jacob Grant, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Benj. Moore, 1812
Robert Platt, 4th Minn. Inf.
John Cady, Reg. Unknown
D.C. Durkee, Co. B, 44th N.Y. Inf
Jos. Durkee, 1812
Hallock Bromley, 1812
Jacob Evans, Co. K, 26th Pa. Inf.
Col. McNell, 1812
Lieut. Wm. Gunn, 1812
Lieut. Wm. Paul, 1812
Capt. Alex Anderson, 1812
Geo. Downie, 1812
Lieut. D. F. Halle, 1812
James Banor, 1812,
Chas. Jacobson, 1812
Brev Maj. Jas. W. Peirise, 1832, 1833 and 1846
James Gillott, Reg. Unknown
James Baldwin, 1812
Sailing Master, name unknown, 1812
Lieut. John Salsbury, 1812
Lieut. John Chapman, 1812
Lieut. Peter Gamble, 1812
Lieut. Geo. W. Buck, 1812
Col. Willington, 1812
George Marshall, Co. E, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Alex. Laderbuche, Co. E, 16th N.Y. Inf.
? Montvill, 1812
John Monty, 1812
Peter Sanborn, 1812
Smith Mead, 1812
Capt. Jno. Stephenson, 1812
Samuel Norcross, 1812
Roswell Wait, 1812
Josephus Prindle, Co. B, 96th N.Y. Inf.
Capt. Walter H. Benedict, Co. H, 96th N.Y. Inf.
Gideon Rugar, 1776
Danial Platt, 1776
William Bailey, 1812
Capt. Nathan Platt, 1776
Gen. Benjamin Moores, 1776 and 1812
Richard S. Moores, 1812
Lewis Ransom, 1812
William H. Bailey, Reg. unknown
Thurber Bailey, Reg. unknown
Capt. James Bailey, 6th Reg. U.S.A.
J. H. Lunt, Co. B, 44th N.Y. Inf
J. A. Baker, Co. G, 192nd N.Y. Inf.
Henry Durkee, Co. E, 16th N.Y. Inf.
John Warford, 1812
Sheldon Durkee, 1812
Lieut. Albert LaDue, 16th N.Y. Inf.
William Thompson, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Cor'p Parkman Chappel, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Clark Chappel, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
August Brix, Co. C, 16th N.Y. Inf.
Stephen Weber, Co. H. 96th N.Y. Inf.
Jos. Buzzell, 1812
Michael McDermott, 1812
Brev. Maj. Benj. A. Boynton, U.S.A. Reg. unknown
Col. Chas. Waite, U.S.A., 1846
Capt. James Watson, 1812
Christopher Cramer, 1812
Jeremiah Graves, 1812
Hiram Walworth, 1812
Gliead Sperry, 1812
Peter Sailly, 1812
Henry Delord, 1812
Noyes Gregory, 1812
Peter Suave, 1812
Thomas Holmes, 1812
David Peters, 1812
AnsonWaterman, 1776
Charles Platt, 1776
Herbert Dean S. of V. camp 16
Capt. Lot Chamberlain, Reg. unknown
Horace Olds, 1812
Clinton Allen, 1812
Martin Nichols, 1812
Capt. Sidney Smith, 1812
Col. Melaneton Smith, 1812
James Troubridge, 1812
Eli Prindle, 1812
George Allen, 1812
Aaron Walters, 1812
P.B. Roberts, 1812
Capt. B. P. Roberts, 1812
Levy Roberts, 1812
Lieut. Peter Roberts, 1776
C. F. Sweat, Batt'y D, 1st Art.
Seth Doan, Co. K, 1st Art. 1812
Chas. Frederick, 96th N.Y. Vols.
Giles Morrill, 16th N.Y. Vols.
A. W. Lansing 6th Ill.
Capt. David F. Dobie, Co. H, 118th N.Y. Inf.
Isaae Otis, Co. D, 16th Wisconsin, Inf.
William J. Carlisle, Co. G, 83rd N.Y. Inf.
William Grant, Co. E, 118th N.Y. Inf.


Mount Carmel Cemetery
Michael Quirk, Co. D, 9th Vermont Inf.



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